Asturian understands the importance of supporting local business, organizations, charities, and communities. Our success can only be achieved by giving back to the communities and organizations which we work in. In addition, we always strive to utilize small business, subcontractors, and craftsmen from the localities that we serve or will serve. Asturian appreciates the opportunities received from our clients and we strive to ensure the same opportunities are afforded to local small businesses.

Asturian promotes the use of local resources and we work diligently to educate and train those companies who may be unfamiliar with legislative requirements. Also, we support several charities through donations, volunteerism, and material gifts, which further contribute to improving our communities. Asturian's President, Drew Quiroz, established and maintains our corporate culture of charity and is a key aspect of his business philosophy.


At the highest level, health and safety is our key responsibility. That’s why we are committed to working incident and injury-free.

At Asturian, we approach health and safety with an overall corporate emphasis at every level. The key to infusing a culture of safety is to promote and apply safety principles to all facets of our business. From project administrators, office staff, field supervisors, and all tradesmen, we collectively foster strong lines of communication and a culture of openness, encouraging life-long learning, and professional development at every level. By engaging our workforce in the key behavioral requirements of working safely we reinforce a zero harm philosophy. Every person associated with our projects deserves the right to return to their home and families, every day, without concern for their personal safety.

We pride ourselves in our excellent managed health strategy, covering a wide range of services for our staff and workforce. Our people have access to the Asturian Group Safety Program, continuing education, and training. Safety is not owned by any corporation, it is to be shared with all. Asturian provides online access to our safety program, brochures, and other educational materials.

navfac star award

Asturian Group's Federal Division was honored with receiving the NAVFAC Star Safety Award.


While our projects – like others across the construction industry – need to maintain a focus on cost and value for our clients, Asturian places a very strong emphasis on achieving these aims while still maintaining high-quality project delivery. Protecting the environment should be an integral part of any business culture, especially in construction. Our industry has a great impact on our environment through land disturbance, use of potentially volatile substances, and general construction applications. Management of natural resources and potentially hazardous substances is an important aspect of our business.

In addition, it is also important to apply the same sustainability principals in the business operations through a reduction in disposal tonnage, energy efficiency, water reduction, and more. Asturian has implemented protective measures and methods to reduce potential impacts on our shared environment. We encourage our partners, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers to apply environmental best practices in their daily operations. Our employees are informed and trained to practice sustainable principles and to ensure our projects comply with all regulations associated with land disturbance, hazardous materials removal, stormwater runoff, and more. Everyone has a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment, no matter how small. Asturian works to exceed “best practices” on our projects and encourage our partners to support these efforts as well. Together, we can all ensure the natural resources we enjoy remain for future generations.

sustainable office park