Preconstruction and planning at Asturian stretches beyond estimating the cost of a project.  We know how vital early planning and preconstruction are to the successful completion of a project.  We use our experience and knowledge to calculate what will make a project successful through planning, collaboration, analysis, value engineering, scheduling, and sustainability.

The preconstruction process starts with early meetings with stakeholders and Asturian’s project team to gain insight into the owner’s vision and the potential challenges. We begin our project planning by setting goals to bring life to the vision and overcome any challenges.  Our collaborative approach to preconstruction merges all the stakeholders: the owner,  design team, Asturian’s project team, key subcontractors, key suppliers/manufacturers, end-user(s), safety professionals, government officials, and any person or entity which may contribute to successful completion of the project. Working as a collaborative group, the preconstruction process encourages communication from the beginning stages to address each goal through cause and effect analysis. 

pre-construction meeting

Asturian uses historical in-house data; our experience, subcontractor relationships, suppliers/manufacturers, architects, and engineers, as well as other external resources, in establishing accurate costs for a project.  Asturian utilizes a variety of tools and resources to ensure each estimate is conducted efficiently and accurately.  The use of technology provides a look into the future project using virtual and augmented reality technology, BIM modeling, building assessments with laser scanning, and model-based estimating.  Each of these tools provides the capability to fully analyze the structure, the schedule, the logistics, the safety requirements and the estimate before the project enters the building stage.

Asturian provides full transparency throughout the preconstruction process and looks to maximize every dollar of the owner’s budget through cooperative value engineering and cost-saving measures.  We view value engineering not just as less expensive alternatives to upfront costs but as the analyzation of life-cycle contributors such as durability, life expectancy of the product, maintenance costs, and future availability of the product, to maintain value and lower overall costs from a long-term perspective.

Asturian provides the necessary leadership in all preconstruction and planning service activities through our experienced in-house preconstruction team.  We believe the success of a project starts at the beginning through planning and analysis to ensure the project is built on budget, efficiently and on time, with the highest of quality, and safely.  Our team is committed to your success.

pre-construction projections