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AGI is pleased to announce the hiring of Thad Rich, a recent graduate of the Virginia Tech Civil Engineering Program (and former summer intern), who will be assuming the role of Field Engineer. Mr. Rich will be integrated into AGI through a rigorous development program ensuring his continuing education and practical experience skills are enhanced. AGI is principled in the hiring and development of employees with practical tradesmen and field experience. Mr. Rich will be assigned to various projects of increasing difficulty and complexity for approximately 3-4 years. During his field assignment, he will learn construction safety practices, fundamental trade skills, survey/layout/engineering, quality control standards, construction scheduling, team building, design-build, issues resolution, and leadership. Our primary desire is to build upon the strengths of the career desires of our employees. Mr. Rich wishes to acquire his P.E. within 4-5 years. AGI is highly supportive of his goal through continuing education, practical experience, mentoring, and application criteria requirements.