Navy Gateway Inns
& Suites

Asturian was awarded a contract to provide upgrades to the Gateway Inn & Suites at Dam Neck, Oceana, and Norfolk naval stations. Each site presented its own scope of work, The Dam Neck location required the renovation of Building 241 to repair issues throughout the facility and provide building and site upgrades including an elevator addition, lobby renovation, building entry canopies, smoking gazebo, storage shed, and incidental related work.

At Oceana, the antiquated features, finishes and amenities were upgraded to meet current Navy standards. The design was facilitated in cooperation with the Navy, FF&E vendor, design-build contractor, interior designer, and the end-user, utilizing the UFC standards for Lodging Facilities.  The comprehensive renovation/upgrade of the main lobby included a new business center, hospitality area, vending area, reception desk, lobby entrance, staff offices, breakroom, lounge areas, and private offices. The rooms were upgraded to include incorporation of ADA accessible suites, doors/hardware, ceiling fans, electrical, CATV, and finishes.

At Norfolk Naval Station, the project scope began with gutting over 90 rooms in the hotel.  Once gutted, the construction team replaced the mechanical systems, ventilation systems, heat pumps, and ductwork throughout the hotel. In addition to these renovations, the electrical and plumbing systems were repaired and brought up to code. The biggest challenge that Asturian faced was installing a brand-new elevator into an older facility.